H-Efkö MS I. 1 a-b – Graduale Strigoniense Thomae Card. Bakócz I-II.

MS I. 1 a-b
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Radó 171; Szendrei C 15

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The 1555 deed of donation which transferred the Gradual to the possession of the Church of Esztergom can be read in both volumes. The text on the verso of the membrane of poorer quality stuck before the first folio of the first volume runs as: 

Hoc Graduale in honorem et gloriam Dei Optimi Maximi donavit Ecclesiae suae Strigoniensi Reverendissimus in Christo pater dominus Nicolas Olahus Archiepiscopus Strigoniensis Primas Hungariae etc. Anno domini Millesimo quingentesimo quinquagesimo quinto

On f 2v of the second volume there is: Reverendissimus Dominus Nicolaus Olahus Archiepiscopus donavit me Ecclesiae suae Strigoniensi.

Contents of the source

Displaying 1 - 200 of 1537
Folio Numerus Pars Tempus Dies Hora Genre Incipit CID
1/001r 10100200 Temp Adv D1 Intr Ad te levavi g00489
1/001v 10100201 Temp Adv D1 V Vias tuas Domine g00489a
1/001v 10100300 Temp Adv D1 Gr Universi qui g00490
1/001v 10100301 Temp Adv D1 V (Vias tuas Domine) g00490a
1/002r 10200700 Temp Adv D2 Off (Deus tu convertens) g00499
1/002r 10200800 Temp Adv D2 Comm Jerusalem surge g00500
1/002r 10300200 Temp Adv D3 Intr Gaudete in Domino g00501
1/002v 10300201 Temp Adv D3 V Et pax Dei g00501a
1/003r 10300300 Temp Adv D3 Gr Qui sedes Domine g00502
1/003r 10300301 Temp Adv D3 V Qui regis Israel g00502a
1/003r 10300400 Temp Adv D3 All Excita Domine g00504
1/003v 10300700 Temp Adv D3 Off Benedixisti Domine g00505
1/003v 10300800 Temp Adv D3 Comm (Dicite pusillanimes) g00506
1/004r 10370510 Temp Adv QuT/S H (Benedictus es Domine) g00523
1/004v 10370600 Temp Adv QuT/S Tr Qui regis Israel g00524
1/005r 10370700 Temp Adv QuT/S Off Exsulta satis g00527
1/005v 10370800 Temp Adv QuT/S Comm Exsultavit ut gigas g00528
1/005v 10400200 Temp Adv D4 Intr Memento nostri Domine g02156
1/006r 10400201 Temp Adv D4 V Peccavimus cum patribus g02156a
1/006r 10400300 Temp Adv D4 Gr Prope est Dominus* g00530
1/006r 10400400 Temp Adv D4 All Veni Domine g00532
1/006v 10400410 Temp Adv D4 All+ Prophetae sancti g02341
1/007r 10400700 Temp Adv D4 Off Ave Maria gratia plena g00533
1/007r 10400800 Temp Adv D4 Comm Ecce virgo concipiet* 503007
1/007r 20100200 Temp Nat Vig Intr Hodie scietis g00535
1/007v 20100201 Temp Nat Vig V Domini est terra g00535a
1/007v 20100300 Temp Nat Vig Gr Hodie scietis g00536
1/008r 20100301 Temp Nat Vig V Qui regis Israel* g00536a
1/008r 20100700 Temp Nat Vig Off Tollite portas g00539
1/008r 20100800 Temp Nat Vig Comm Revelabitur gloria g00540
1/008v 20200200 Temp Nat Nat/M1 M1 Intr Dominus dixit ad me g00541
1/008v 20200201 Temp Nat Nat/M1 M1 V Quare fremuerunt g00541a
1/008v 20200300 Temp Nat Nat/M1 M1 Gr Tecum principium g00542
1/009r 20200301 Temp Nat Nat/M1 M1 V Dixit Dominus g00542a
1/009v 20200400 Temp Nat Nat/M1 M1 All Dominus dixit ad me g00541
1/009v 20200700 Temp Nat Nat/M1 M1 Off Laetentur caeli g00545
1/009v 20200800 Temp Nat Nat/M1 M1 Comm In splendoribus sanctorum g00546
1/010r 20300200 Temp Nat Nat/M2 M2 Intr Lux fulgebit g00547
1/010r 20300201 Temp Nat Nat/M2 M2 V Dominus regnavit g00547a
1/010v 20300300 Temp Nat Nat/M2 M2 Gr Benedictus qui venit g00548
1/010v 20300301 Temp Nat Nat/M2 M2 V A Domino factum est g00548a
1/011r 20300400 Temp Nat Nat/M2 M2 All Dominus regnavit decorem g00550
1/011r 20300700 Temp Nat Nat/M2 M2 Off Deus enim firmavit g00551
1/011v 20300800 Temp Nat Nat/M2 M2 Comm Exsulta filia Sion g00552
1/011v 20400200 Temp Nat Nat/M3 M3 Intr Puer natus est nobis g00553
1/012r 20400201 Temp Nat Nat/M3 M3 V Cantate Domino g00553a.1
1/012r 20400300 Temp Nat Nat/M3 M3 Gr Viderunt omnes g00554
1/012v 20400301 Temp Nat Nat/M3 M3 V Notum fecit Dominus g00554a
1/012v 20400400 Temp Nat Nat/M3 M3 All Dies sanctificatus g00556
1/013r 20400700 Temp Nat Nat/M3 M3 Off Tui sunt caeli g00557
1/013v 20400800 Temp Nat Nat/M3 M3 Comm Viderunt omnes g00558
1/013v 20800200 Temp Nat D in Oct. Intr Dum medium silentium g00578
1/013v 20800201 Temp Nat D in Oct. V Dominus regnavit g00578a
1/014r 20800300 Temp Nat D in Oct. Gr Speciosus forma g00579
1/014r 20800301 Temp Nat D in Oct. V Eructavit cor meum g00579a
1/014v 20800400 Temp Nat D in Oct. All Dominus regnavit decorem* g00550
1/014v 20800700 Temp Nat D in Oct. Off Deus enim firmavit* g00551
1/014v 20800800 Temp Nat D in Oct. Comm Tolle puerum g00581
1/015r 21300200 Temp Ep D1 Intr In excelso throno g00613
1/015r 21300201 Temp Ep D1 V Jubilate Deo g00613b
1/015r 21300300 Temp Ep D1 Gr Benedictus Dominus Deus g00614
1/015v 21300301 Temp Ep D1 V Suscipiant montes g00614a
1/015v 21300400 Temp Ep D1 All Jubilate Deo omnis terra g00616
1/016r 21300700 Temp Ep D1 Off Jubilate Deo omnis terra g00617
1/016v 21300800 Temp Ep D1 Comm Fili quid fecisti g00618
1/017r 21500200 Temp Ep D2 Intr Omnis terra adoret g00619
1/017r 21500201 Temp Ep D2 V Jubilate Deo g00619a
1/017r 21500300 Temp Ep D2 Gr Misit Dominus g00620
1/017v 21500301 Temp Ep D2 V Confiteantur Domino g00620a
1/017v 21500400 Temp Ep D2 All Dominus regnavit exsultet g00628
1/018r 21500700 Temp Ep D2 Off Jubilate Deo universa g00623
1/018v 21500800 Temp Ep D2 Comm Dicit Dominus g00624
1/019r 21600200 Temp Ep D3 Intr Adorate Deum g00625
1/019r 21600201 Temp Ep D3 V Dominus regnavit g00625a
1/019r 21600300 Temp Ep D3 Gr Timebunt gentes g00626
1/019v 21600301 Temp Ep D3 V Quoniam aedificavit g00626b
1/019v 21600400 Temp Ep D3 All Laudate Deum omnes g00622
1/020r 21600700 Temp Ep D3 Off Dextera Domini g00629
1/020r 21600800 Temp Ep D3 Comm Mirabantur omnes g00630
1/020v 22000200 Temp Ep D70 Intr Circumdederunt me g00631
1/020v 22000201 Temp Ep D70 V Diligam te Domine g00631b
1/021r 22000300 Temp Ep D70 Gr Adjutor in opportunitatibus g00632
1/021v 22000301 Temp Ep D70 V Quoniam non in finem g00632a
1/021v 22000600 Temp Ep D70 Tr De profundis clamavi g00634
1/022v 22000700 Temp Ep D70 Off Bonum est confiteri g00638
1/022v 22000800 Temp Ep D70 Comm Illumina faciem tuam g00639
1/023r 22100200 Temp Ep D60 Intr Exsurge quare obdormis g00640
1/023v 22100201 Temp Ep D60 V Deus auribus nostris g00640a
1/023v 22100300 Temp Ep D60 Gr Sciant gentes g00641
1/024r 22100301 Temp Ep D60 V Deus meus pone illos g00641a
1/024r 22100600 Temp Ep D60 Tr Commovisti Domine g00643
1/024v 22100700 Temp Ep D60 Off Perfice gressus meos g00646
1/025r 22100800 Temp Ep D60 Comm Introibo ad altare g00647
1/025r 22200200 Temp Ep D50 Intr Esto mihi in Deum g00648
1/025v 22200201 Temp Ep D50 V In te Domine speravi g00648a
1/026r 22200300 Temp Ep D50 Gr Tu es Deus g00649
1/026r 22200301 Temp Ep D50 V Liberasti in brachio g00649a
1/026v 22200600 Temp Ep D50 Tr Jubilate Domino g00651
1/027r 22200700 Temp Ep D50 Off Benedictus es Domine g00655
1/027v 22200800 Temp Ep D50 Comm Manducaverunt g00656
1/027v 22240010 Temp Ep f4Cin Ant Exaudi nos Domine 002770
1/028r 22240020 Temp Ep f4Cin Ant Immutemur habitu 003193
1/028v 22240030 Temp Ep f4Cin Ant Juxta vestibulum 003554
1/029r 22240200 Temp Ep f4Cin Intr Misereris omnium g00662
1/029v 22240201 Temp Ep f4Cin V Miserere mei Deus g00662b
1/029v 22240300 Temp Ep f4Cin Gr Miserere mei Deus g00663
1/030r 22240301 Temp Ep f4Cin V Misit de caelo g00663a
1/030r 22240600 Temp Ep f4Cin Tr Domine non secundum g00665
1/031r 22240700 Temp Ep f4Cin Off Exaltabo te g00668
1/031r 22240800 Temp Ep f4Cin Comm Qui meditabitur g00669
1/031v 22250200 Temp Ep D50/f5 Intr Dum clamarem g01178
1/032r 22250201 Temp Ep D50/f5 V Exaudi Deus g01178b
1/032r 22250300 Temp Ep D50/f5 Gr Jacta cogitatum g01146
1/032v 22250301 Temp Ep D50/f5 V Dum clamarem g01146a
1/032v 22250700 Temp Ep D50/f5 Off Ad te Domine levavi* g00493
1/032v 22250800 Temp Ep D50/f5 Comm Acceptabis sacrificium g01182
1/033r 22260200 Temp Ep D50/f6 Intr Audivit Dominus g00670
1/033r 22260201 Temp Ep D50/f6 V Exaltabo te g00670a
1/033r 22260300 Temp Ep D50/f6 Gr Unam petii a Domino g00671
1/033v 22260301 Temp Ep D50/f6 V Ut videam g00671a
1/033v 22260700 Temp Ep D50/f6 Off Domine vivifica me g00673
1/034r 22260800 Temp Ep D50/f6 Comm Servite Domino in timore g00674
1/034r 22270200 Temp Ep D50/S Intr Esto mihi* g00648
1/034r 30100200 Temp Qu D1 Intr Invocabit me et ego g00675
1/034v 30100201 Temp Qu D1 V Qui habitat in adjutorio g00675a
1/034v 30100300 Temp Qu D1 Gr Angelis suis mandavit g00676
1/035r 30100301 Temp Qu D1 V In manibus portabunt te g00676a
1/035r 30100600 Temp Qu D1 Tr Qui habitat in adjutorio g00678
1/038r 30100700 Temp Qu D1 Off Scapulis suis obumbrabit g00691
1/038r 30100800 Temp Qu D1 Comm Scapulis suis obumbrabit g00692
1/038v 30120200 Temp Qu H1/f2 Intr Sicut oculi servorum g00693
1/039r 30120201 Temp Qu H1/f2 V Ad te levavi oculos g00693a
1/039r 30120300 Temp Qu H1/f2 Gr Protector noster aspice g00709
1/039r 30120301 Temp Qu H1/f2 V Domine Deus virtutum g00709a
1/039v 30120700 Temp Qu H1/f2 Off Revela oculos meos g02414
1/039v 30120800 Temp Qu H1/f2 Comm Voce mea ad Dominum g02019
1/040r 30130200 Temp Qu H1/f3 Intr Domine refugium factus es g00696
1/040r 30130201 Temp Qu H1/f3 V Priusquam montes g00696a
1/040v 30130300 Temp Qu H1/f3 Gr Dirigatur oratio mea g00713
1/040v 30130301 Temp Qu H1/f3 V Elevatio manuum g00713a
1/041r 30130700 Temp Qu H1/f3 Off In te speravi Domine g01198
1/041r 30130800 Temp Qu H1/f3 Comm Cum invocarem te g00697
1/041v 30140200 Temp Qu H1/f4 Intr Reminiscere miserationum g02020
1/041v 30140201 Temp Qu H1/f4 V Ad te Domine levavi g02020a.1
1/042r 30140300 Temp Qu H1/f4 Gr Tribulationes cordis mei g00720
1/042r 30140301 Temp Qu H1/f4 V Vide humilitatem meam g00720a
1/042v 30140600 Temp Qu H1/f4 Tr De necessitatibus meis g00698
1/043v 30140700 Temp Qu H1/f4 Off Meditabor in mandatis g00726
1/043v 30140800 Temp Qu H1/f4 Comm Intellige clamorem g00727
1/044r 30150200 Temp Qu H1/f5 Intr Confessio et pulchritudo g00331
1/044r 30150201 Temp Qu H1/f5 V Cantate Domino g00331a
1/044v 30150300 Temp Qu H1/f5 Gr Custodi me Domine g01179
1/044v 30150301 Temp Qu H1/f5 V De vultu tuo g01179a
1/045r 30150700 Temp Qu H1/f5 Off Immittet Angelus Domini g01204
1/045v 30150800 Temp Qu H1/f5 Comm Panis quem ego dedero g01211
1/045v 30160200 Temp Qu H1/f6 Intr De necessitatibus meis g00701
1/046r 30160201 Temp Qu H1/f6 V Ad te Domine levavi g00701a
1/046r 30160300 Temp Qu H1/f6 Gr Salvum fac servum tuum g00702
1/046r 30160301 Temp Qu H1/f6 V Auribus percipe g00702a
1/046v 30160700 Temp Qu H1/f6 Off Benedic anima mea Domino g00704
1/046v 30160800 Temp Qu H1/f6 Comm Erubescant et conturbentur g00705
1/047r 30170200 Temp Qu H1/S Intr Intret oratio mea g00706
1/047r 30170201 Temp Qu H1/S V Domine Deus salutis meae g00706a
1/047r 30170300 Temp Qu H1/S Gr Protector noster aspice* g00709
1/047r 30170310 Temp Qu H1/S Gr Propitius esto Domine g00707
1/047v 30170311 Temp Qu H1/S V Adjuva nos Deus g00707a
1/048r 30170320 Temp Qu H1/S Gr Convertere Domine* g00711
1/048r 30170330 Temp Qu H1/S Gr Dirigatur oratio mea* g00713
1/048r 30170600 Temp Qu H1/S Tr Laudate Dominum g00715
1/048r 30170700 Temp Qu H1/S Off Domine Deus salutis meae g00717
1/048v 30170800 Temp Qu H1/S Comm Domine Deus meus g00718
1/048v 30200200 Temp Qu D2 Intr Reminiscere miserationum* g02020
1/048v 30200300 Temp Qu D2 Gr Tribulationes cordis mei* g00720
1/048v 30200600 Temp Qu D2 Tr Dixit Dominus mulieri g02166
1/049v 30200700 Temp Qu D2 Off Meditabor in mandatis* g00726
1/049v 30200800 Temp Qu D2 Comm Intellige clamorem* g00727
1/049v 30220200 Temp Qu H2/f2 Intr Redime me Domine g00728
1/049v 30220201 Temp Qu H2/f2 V Judica me Domine g00728a
1/050r 30220300 Temp Qu H2/f2 Gr Adjutor meus et liberator meus g00729
1/050r 30220301 Temp Qu H2/f2 V Confundantur et revereantur g00729a
1/050v 30220700 Temp Qu H2/f2 Off Benedicam Dominum qui g00731
1/051r 30220800 Temp Qu H2/f2 Comm Domine Dominus noster g00732
1/051r 30230200 Temp Qu H2/f3 Intr Tibi dixit cor meum g00733
1/051r 30230201 Temp Qu H2/f3 V Dominus illuminatio mea g00733a.1
1/051v 30230300 Temp Qu H2/f3 Gr Jacta cogitatum* g01146
1/051v 30230700 Temp Qu H2/f3 Off Miserere mihi Domine g00734
1/051v 30230800 Temp Qu H2/f3 Comm Narrabo omnia mirabilia g02185
1/052r 30240200 Temp Qu H2/f4 Intr Ne derelinquas me g00736
1/052r 30240201 Temp Qu H2/f4 V Domine ne in furore g00736a
1/052v 30240300 Temp Qu H2/f4 Gr Salvum fac populum tuum g00737
1/052v 30240301 Temp Qu H2/f4 V Ad te Domine clamabo g00737a
1/053r 30240700 Temp Qu H2/f4 Off Ad te Domine levavi* g00493
1/053r 30240800 Temp Qu H2/f4 Comm Justus Dominus g00739
1/053r 30250200 Temp Qu H2/f5 Intr Deus in adjutorium meum g02026
1/053v 30250201 Temp Qu H2/f5 V Avertantur retrorsum g02026a.1
1/053v 30250300 Temp Qu H2/f5 Gr Propitius esto Domine* g00707
1/053v 30250700 Temp Qu H2/f5 Off Precatus est Moyses g01192
1/054v 30250800 Temp Qu H2/f5 Comm Qui manducat carnem g01177
1/054v 30260200 Temp Qu H2/f6 Intr Ego autem cum justitia g00740
1/055r 30260201 Temp Qu H2/f6 V Exaudi Domine g00740a