H-Efkö MS I. 1 a-b – Graduale Strigoniense Thomae Card. Bakócz I-II.

MS I. 1 a-b
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Radó 171; Szendrei C 15

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The 1555 deed of donation which transferred the Gradual to the possession of the Church of Esztergom can be read in both volumes. The text on the verso of the membrane of poorer quality stuck before the first folio of the first volume runs as: 

Hoc Graduale in honorem et gloriam Dei Optimi Maximi donavit Ecclesiae suae Strigoniensi Reverendissimus in Christo pater dominus Nicolas Olahus Archiepiscopus Strigoniensis Primas Hungariae etc. Anno domini Millesimo quingentesimo quinquagesimo quinto

On f 2v of the second volume there is: Reverendissimus Dominus Nicolaus Olahus Archiepiscopus donavit me Ecclesiae suae Strigoniensi.

Contents of the source

Displaying 401 - 600 of 1537
Folio Numerus Pars Tempus Dies Genre Incipit CID
1/133v 30670400 Temp Qu H6/S All Confitemini Domino quoniam 507011
1/133v 30670600 Temp Qu H6/S Tr Laudate Dominum g00715
1/134r 40100010 Temp Pasc D1 Ant Vidi aquam 005403
1/134v 40100020 Temp Pasc D1 Ant Cum rex gloriae 201042
1/136r 40100030 Temp Pasc D1 H Salve festa dies a00177
1/137r 40100040 Temp Pasc D1 Ant Sedit angelus 004858
1/137v 40100041 Temp Pasc D1 V1 Crucifixum Dominum 002717a
1/137v 40100042 Temp Pasc D1 V2 Recordamini quomodo 004858b
1/138r 40100050 Temp Pasc D1 Resp Christus resurgens 600356
1/139r 40100200 Temp Pasc D1 Intr Resurrexi et adhuc tecum g01007
1/139v 40100301 Temp Pasc D1 V Confitemini Domino g01009
1/139v 40100201 Temp Pasc D1 V Domine probasti me g01884
1/139v 40100300 Temp Pasc D1 Gr Haec dies quam fecit 008414
1/140r 40100400 Temp Pasc D1 All Pascha nostrum 008435
1/140r 40100401 Temp Pasc D1 V Alleluia Epulemur in azymis 507006
1/140v 40100700 Temp Pasc D1 Off Terra tremuit g01012
1/140v 40100800 Temp Pasc D1 Comm Pascha nostrum 008435
1/141r 40120200 Temp Pasc H1/f2 Intr Introduxit vos Domine g01014
1/141r 40120201 Temp Pasc H1/f2 V Confitemini Domino g01992
1/141v 40120300 Temp Pasc H1/f2 Gr Haec dies 008414
1/141v 40120301 Temp Pasc H1/f2 V Dicat nunc Israel 008414b
1/141v 40120400 Temp Pasc H1/f2 All Alleluia Nonne cor nostrum 507021
1/142r 40120410 Temp Pasc H1/f2 All+ Angelus Domini 008415
1/142r 40120411 Temp Pasc H1/f2 V Respondens autem 008415a
1/142v 40120700 Temp Pasc H1/f2 Off Angelus Domini g01018
1/143r 40120800 Temp Pasc H1/f2 Comm Surrexit Dominus et apparuit g01019
1/143r 40130200 Temp Pasc H1/f3 Intr Aqua sapientiae g01020
1/143r 40130201 Temp Pasc H1/f3 V Confitemini Domino g01957
1/143v 40130300 Temp Pasc H1/f3 Gr Haec dies 008414
1/143v 40130301 Temp Pasc H1/f3 V Dicant nunc qui 008414c
1/144r 40130400 Temp Pasc H1/f3 All Alleluia Surgens Jesus Dominus 507030
1/144r 40130700 Temp Pasc H1/f3 Off Intonuit de caelo g01024
1/144v 40130800 Temp Pasc H1/f3 Comm Si consurrexistis cum Christo g01025
1/144v 40140200 Temp Pasc H1/f4 Intr Venite benedicti patris g01026
1/144v 40140201 Temp Pasc H1/f4 V Cantate Domino g01958
1/145r 40140300 Temp Pasc H1/f4 Gr Haec dies 008414
1/145r 40140301 Temp Pasc H1/f4 V Dextera Domini 008414d
1/145v 40140400 Temp Pasc H1/f4 All Christus resurgens 507009
1/146r 40140700 Temp Pasc H1/f4 Off Portas caeli aperuit g01030
1/146r 40140800 Temp Pasc H1/f4 Comm Christus resurgens g01031
1/146v 40150200 Temp Pasc H1/f5 Intr Victricem manum tuam g01032
1/146v 40150201 Temp Pasc H1/f5 V Confitemini Domino g01992
1/147r 40150300 Temp Pasc H1/f5 Gr Haec dies 008414
1/147r 40150301 Temp Pasc H1/f5 V Lapidem quem g01034
1/147v 40150400 Temp Pasc H1/f5 All Alleluia In die resurrectionis 008426
1/147v 40150700 Temp Pasc H1/f5 Off In die solemnitatis vestrae g01036
1/148r 40150800 Temp Pasc H1/f5 Comm Populus acquisitionis g01037
1/148r 40160200 Temp Pasc H1/f6 Intr Eduxit eos Dominus g01038
1/148r 40160201 Temp Pasc H1/f6 V Attendite popule meus g01965
1/148v 40160300 Temp Pasc H1/f6 Gr Haec dies 008414
1/148v 40160301 Temp Pasc H1/f6 V Benedictus qui venit 008414za
1/149r 40160400 Temp Pasc H1/f6 All Alleluia Crucifixus surrexit 507012
1/149r 40160700 Temp Pasc H1/f6 Off Erit vobis hic dies g01042
1/149v 40160800 Temp Pasc H1/f6 Comm Data est mihi omnis g01043
1/150r 40170200 Temp Pasc H1/S Intr Eduxit Dominus populum g01044
1/150r 40170201 Temp Pasc H1/S V Confitemini Domino g01009
1/150r 40170400 Temp Pasc H1/S All Alleluia Haec dies quam fecit 507015
1/150v 40170410 Temp Pasc H1/S All Alleluia Laudate pueri Dominum g00572
1/151r 40170700 Temp Pasc H1/S Off Benedictus qui venit g01047
1/151r 40170800 Temp Pasc H1/S Comm Omnes qui in Christo g01048
1/151v 40200200 Temp Pasc D2 Intr Quasi modo geniti g01049
1/151v 40200201 Temp Pasc D2 V Exsultate Deo g01959
1/152r 40200400 Temp Pasc D2 All Alleluia Angelus Domini* 008415
1/152r 40200410 Temp Pasc D2 All Alleluia Post dies octo g01051
1/152r 40200700 Temp Pasc D2 Off Angelus Domini* g01018
1/152r 40200800 Temp Pasc D2 Comm Mitte manum tuam g01052
1/152v 40300200 Temp Pasc D3 Intr Misericordia Domini g01053
1/152v 40300201 Temp Pasc D3 V Exsultate justi in Domino g01916
1/152v 40300400 Temp Pasc D3 All Alleluia Surrexit pastor bonus g02080
1/153r 40300410 Temp Pasc D3 All Alleluia Ego sum pastor bonus g02081
1/153v 40300700 Temp Pasc D3 Off Deus Deus meus ad te g01056
1/153v 40300800 Temp Pasc D3 Comm Ego sum pastor bonus g00584
1/154r 40400200 Temp Pasc D4 Intr Jubilate Deo omnis terra g01058
1/154r 40400201 Temp Pasc D4 V Dicite Deo quam g01960
1/154v 40400400 Temp Pasc D4 All Alleluia Surrexit Dominus et occurrens g02150
1/154v 40400410 Temp Pasc D4 All Alleluia Modicum et non videbitis g02083
1/155r 40400700 Temp Pasc D4 Off Lauda anima mea g01061
1/155v 40400800 Temp Pasc D4 Comm Modicum et non videbitis g01062
1/155v 40500200 Temp Pasc D5 Intr Cantate Domino canticum g01063
1/155v 40500201 Temp Pasc D5 V Salvabit sibi dextera g01063a
1/156r 40500400 Temp Pasc D5 All Alleluia Surrexit Christus et g01068
1/156v 40500410 Temp Pasc D5 All Alleluia Vado ad eum qui me misit g02086
1/156v 40500700 Temp Pasc D5 Off Jubilate Deo universa* g00623
1/156v 40500800 Temp Pasc D5 Comm Cum venerit paraclitus g02087
1/157r 40600200 Temp Pasc D6 Intr Vocem jucunditatis g01067
1/157r 40600201 Temp Pasc D6 V Jubilate Deo omnis terra g01920
1/157v 40600400 Temp Pasc D6 All In die resurrectionis* 008426
1/157v 40600410 Temp Pasc D6 All Alleluia Usque modo non petistis g02177
1/158r 40600700 Temp Pasc D6 Off Benedicite gentes* g01070
1/158r 40600800 Temp Pasc D6 Comm Cantate Domino alleluia g01071
1/158r 40620200 Temp Pasc Rogat/f2 Intr Exaudivit de templo g01075
1/158r 40620201 Temp Pasc Rogat/f2 V Diligam te Domine g01945
1/158v 40620400 Temp Pasc Rogat/f2 All Alleluia Confitemini Domino quoniam 507011
1/159r 40620700 Temp Pasc Rogat/f2 Off Confitebor Domino nimis g01077
1/159v 40620800 Temp Pasc Rogat/f2 Comm Petite et accipietis g01078
1/159v 40620810 Temp Pasc Rogat/f2 Ant Clementissime exaudi 001831
1/160r 40620820 Temp Pasc Rogat/f2 Ant Exsurge Domine adjuva nos 002822
1/160v 40620830 Temp Pasc Rogat/f2 Ant Surgite sancti 204825
1/160v 40640200 Temp Pasc Vig.Asc Intr Vocem jocunditatis* g01067
1/160v 40640400 Temp Pasc Vig.Asc All Alleluia Omnes gentes plaudite g01164
1/161r 40640700 Temp Pasc Vig.Asc Off Viri Galilaei g02180
1/161v 40640800 Temp Pasc Vig.Asc Comm Pater cum essem g01087
1/162r 40650200 Temp Pasc Asc Intr Viri Galilaei g01079
1/162r 40650201 Temp Pasc Asc V Cumque intuerentur g02095
1/162v 40650400 Temp Pasc Asc All Alleluia Ascendit Deus in jubilatione g01080
1/162v 40650410 Temp Pasc Asc All Alleluia Ascendens Christus in altum g02096
1/163r 40650700 Temp Pasc Asc Off Ascendit Deus in jubilatione g01082
1/163r 40650800 Temp Pasc Asc Comm Psallite Domino qui ascendit g01083
1/163v 40700200 Temp Pasc D7 Intr Exaudi Domine g01084
1/163v 40700201 Temp Pasc D7 V Dominus illuminatio mea g01931
1/164r 40700400 Temp Pasc D7 All Alleluia Ascendit Deus in jubilatione* g01080
1/164r 40700410 Temp Pasc D7 All Alleluia Dominus in Sina g01081
1/164v 40700700 Temp Pasc D7 Off Viri Galilaei* g02180
1/164v 40700800 Temp Pasc D7 Comm Pater cum essem* g01087
1/164v 40770700 Temp Pasc Vig.Pent Off Emitte Spiritum tuum g01088
1/164v 40770800 Temp Pasc Vig.Pent Comm Ultimo festivitatis die g01089
1/165r 40800200 Temp Pasc Pent Intr Spiritus Domini replevit g01090
1/165r 40800201 Temp Pasc Pent V Confirma hoc g02100
1/165v 40800400 Temp Pasc Pent All Alleluia Emitte Spiritum tuum g01091
1/166r 40800410 Temp Pasc Pent All Alleluia Veni Sancte Spiritus g01092
1/166r 40800700 Temp Pasc Pent Off Confirma hoc Deus g01094
1/166v 40800800 Temp Pasc Pent Comm Factus est repente g01095
1/166v 40820200 Temp Pasc Pent/f2 Intr Cibavit eos ex adipe* g01447
1/166v 40820400 Temp Pasc Pent/f2 All Alleluia Spiritus Domini replevit g02103
1/167r 40820410 Temp Pasc Pent/f2 All Alleluia Veni Sancte Spiritus* g01092
1/167r 40820700 Temp Pasc Pent/f2 Off Intonuit de caelo* g01024
1/167r 40820800 Temp Pasc Pent/f2 Comm Spiritus Sanctus docebit vos g01098
1/167r 40830200 Temp Pasc Pent/f3 Intr Accipite jocunditatem g02104
1/167r 40830201 Temp Pasc Pent/f3 V Attendite popule meus g01965
1/167v 40830400 Temp Pasc Pent/f3 All Alleluia Paraclitus Spiritus g02105
1/168r 40830410 Temp Pasc Pent/f3 All Alleluia Veni Sancte Spiritus* g01092
1/168r 40830700 Temp Pasc Pent/f3 Off Emitte Spiritum tuum* g01088
1/168r 40830800 Temp Pasc Pent/f3 Comm Spiritus qui a Patre g01101
1/168r 40840200 Temp Pasc Pent/f4 Intr Deus dum egredieris g01102
1/168r 40840201 Temp Pasc Pent/f4 V Exsurgat Deus g01964
1/168v 40840400 Temp Pasc Pent/f4 All Alleluia Dum complerentur g01112
1/169r 40840410 Temp Pasc Pent/f4 All Alleluia Veni Sancte Spiritus* g01092
1/169r 40840700 Temp Pasc Pent/f4 Off Emitte Spiritum tuum* g01088
1/169r 40840800 Temp Pasc Pent/f4 Comm Pacem meam do vobis g01105
1/169r 40850200 Temp Pasc Pent/f5 Intr Spiritus Domini replevit* g01090
1/169r 40860200 Temp Pasc Pent/f6 Intr Repleatur os meum laude g01106
1/169r 40860201 Temp Pasc Pent/f6 V In te Domine speravi g01935
1/169v 40860400 Temp Pasc Pent/f6 All Alleluia Loquebantur variis linguis g02109
1/170r 40860410 Temp Pasc Pent/f6 All Alleluia Veni Sancte Spiritus* g01092
1/170r 40860700 Temp Pasc Pent/f6 Off Lauda anima mea* g01061
1/170r 40860800 Temp Pasc Pent/f6 Comm Spiritus ubi vult spirat g01115
1/170r 40870200 Temp Pasc Pent/S Intr Caritas Dei diffusa est g01109
1/170r 40870201 Temp Pasc Pent/S V Domine Deus salutis meae g01929
1/170v 40870400 Temp Pasc Pent/S All Alleluia Emitte Spiritum tuum* g01091
1/170v 40870410 Temp Pasc Pent/S All Alleluia Spiritus Domini replevit* g02103
1/170v 40870420 Temp Pasc Pent/S All Alleluia Dum complerentur* g01112
1/170v 40870430 Temp Pasc Pent/S All Alleluia Paraclitus Spiritus* g02105
1/170v 40870440 Temp Pasc Pent/S All Laudate Dominum omnes g02110
1/171r 40870700 Temp Pasc Pent/S Off Emitte Spiritum tuum* g01088
1/171r 40870800 Temp Pasc Pent/S Comm Non vos relinquam g01108
1/171v 41000200 Temp Pasc Trin Intr Benedicta sit Sancta Trinitas g01116
1/171v 41000201 Temp Pasc Trin V Benedicamus Patrem g01116a
1/172r 41000300 Temp Pasc Trin Gr Benedictus es Domine g01117
1/172r 41000301 Temp Pasc Trin V Benedictus es in throno g02112
1/172v 41000400 Temp Pasc Trin All Alleluia Honor virtus g02113
1/172v 41000700 Temp Pasc Trin Off Benedictus sit Deus g01120
1/173r 41000800 Temp Pasc Trin Comm Benedicimus Deum caeli g01121
1/173v 41100200 Temp Pasc Corp Intr Cibavit eos ex adipe g01096
1/173v 41100201 Temp Pasc Corp V Exsultate Deo g01959
1/173v 41100300 Temp Pasc Corp Gr Oculi omnium in te* g01127
1/174r 41100400 Temp Pasc Corp All Alleluia Caro mea vere est (2) g01129
1/174v 41100410 Temp Pasc Corp All Alleluia Caro mea vere est g01129
1/174v 41100700 Temp Pasc Corp Off Sacerdotes incensum g02115
1/175r 41100800 Temp Pasc Corp Comm Quotiescumque manducabitis g01132
1/175v 50100200 Temp Ann D1 Intr Domine in tua misericordia g01122
1/175v 50100201 Temp Ann D1 V Usquequo Domine g01968
1/176r 50100300 Temp Ann D1 Gr Ego dixi Domine miserere g01123
1/176r 50100301 Temp Ann D1 V Beatus qui intelligit g01124
1/176v 50100400 Temp Ann D1 All Alleluia Verba mea auribus g01125
1/177r 50100700 Temp Ann D1 Off Intende voci orationis meae* g00769
1/177r 50100800 Temp Ann D1 Comm Narrabo omnia mirabilia* g02185
1/177r 50200200 Temp Ann D2 Intr Factus est Dominus protector g01133
1/177r 50200201 Temp Ann D2 V Diligam te Domine g01945
1/177r 50200300 Temp Ann D2 Gr Ad Dominum cum tribularer* g01134
1/177r 50200400 Temp Ann D2 All Alleluia Domine Deus meus g01136
1/177v 50200700 Temp Ann D2 Off Domine convertere et eripe* g01137
1/177v 50200800 Temp Ann D2 Comm (Cantabo Domino qui bona) g01138
1/178r 50300800 Temp Ann D3 Comm (Ego clamavi quoniam) g01252
1/178r 50400200 Temp Ann D4 Intr Dominus illuminatio mea g01151
1/178r 50400201 Temp Ann D4 V Si consistant adversum g01971
1/178v 50400300 Temp Ann D4 Gr Propitius esto Domine* g00707
1/178v 50400400 Temp Ann D4 All Alleluia Deus judex justus g01148
1/178v 50400700 Temp Ann D4 Off Illumina oculos meos* g01153
1/178v 50400800 Temp Ann D4 Comm Dominus firmamentum meum g01154
1/179r 50500200 Temp Ann D5 Intr Exaudi Domine...adjutor g02121
1/179r 50500201 Temp Ann D5 V Dominus illuminatio mea g01931
1/179v 50500300 Temp Ann D5 Gr Protector noster aspice* g00709
1/179v 50500400 Temp Ann D5 All Alleluia Domine in virtute tua g01156
1/179v 50500700 Temp Ann D5 Off Benedicam Domino qui* g00731
1/179v 50500800 Temp Ann D5 Comm Unam petii a Domino g01157
1/180r 50600200 Temp Ann D6 Intr Dominus fortitudo plebis g01158
1/180r 50600201 Temp Ann D6 V Ad te Domine clamabo g01972
1/180v 50600300 Temp Ann D6 Gr Convertere Domine g00711
1/180v 50600301 Temp Ann D6 V Domine refugium factus es g00712
1/181r 50600400 Temp Ann D6 All Alleluia In te Domine speravi g01159